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A flexible design studio that designs website banners,  Display Network ads and graphics for use on the web and print (Hi Res Graphics) Whether its a Exhibition Stand suite, Pop up Display, Flyer, Brochure, Logo. I can design for you : )

I am a web & print graphic designer who works flexibly with clients to fulfill their design needs and our main aim is to provide you with top quality, unique and custom design work which adds real value to your business.

With a degree in eBusiness and Website Graphic Design ALL of my work is designed and completed within a very prompt time frame. I love to work on new projects and over the years I have completed work for many different businesses and individuals. I take pride in my work and complete each design as if it was my own.

eGraphix is an ever expanding web company, since our launch in 2009 we have grown from strength to strength.

We like to think of the saying “From Acorns Mighty Oaks Grow”.

Our client base is ever expanding with a diverse range of business sectors. No matter how big or small your company or organisation is we will design your bespoke website graphics for your website.


Using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to produce stunning bespoke graphics.

Branding is important to every business and we design graphics to reflect your branding at all times.



Photoshop / Illustrator





We have 24 Office Fighters in total…yes you read that correctly!

Here a select few of little chaps.


“Halo” is a stunner and loves the attention. He shimmers and shakes his booty all day long! He loves to tease his food before gobbling up his brine shrimp by giving them a quick nip. A cheeky little chap and a very entertaining fellow to watch.


“Zero” is a cool dude! Named “Zero” for his white sub zero snow coloured markings on his head. He is an inquisitive little guy who wants to know whats going on. He loves to chill out on his leaf hammock and soak up the LED rays!


“2-B” Very similar to “B-E” in colouring but different in character. He can be quite shy and spends a lot of the time in his Man Cave! …half a Coconut shell. Who can blame him its got huge front door and skylights in the top. Pimped out or what!


Eric’s shell is his castle and carrys it everywhere he goes. Some days slower than others – he or she may get a bad back every now and then! Nothing is done quickly with Eric – always at a snails pace 😀 In fact Eric can be seen in various places at once…or it could be the fact they multiply quite fast!


“Cosmic” – One of the new kids on the block! He lurks amongst his plants until you pass his tank..then wham!! he hits you with his impressive colours and tail. A show off but an image of beauty.


“BE” he is a feisty one! He is black with electric blue markings, loves to chase and tease his live food before striking! A happy fish, he is a show off and loves to make huge bubble nests.


Sidi is a big eared fighter & he is in raptor training with Brine Shrimp and Blood Worms!! We dot them around his tank for him to hunt down and feast in his jungle of plants.



Loves to build bubble nests to impress us and the pot of coloured pens next to his love nest! Shame his efforts go to waste on a pot of sharpie pens!


When i am not in the office i am either out on my pride and joy .. my Pinarello Road bike 😀 or out trail running in all weathers. Nothing better than getting out for a run first thing in a morning or late on a night sporting a head torch!! When not on my bike I am cleaning it like a nut! …That’s the perfectionist part of me which drives me mad at times!


Apple iMac


Fighter Bubbles
produced per day


Run & Road Bike
Miles A Week


Tea & Coffee
consumed per month


Quick Turnaround

A proof of your design is produced within 24 hours and our graphic design process is completed usually within 48 hours.

Up to Date

We keep our clients up to date at every stage of our design process. You will never be kept in the dark!

Quality Graphics

We strive to design eye-catching designs that will be the envy of your competitors!

100% Satisfaction

We like Happy Clients and strive to achieve 100% client satisfaction at every stage of our service.


We believe in offering a design service that is affordable and has guaranteed satisfaction.


You can count on us for delivering a professional service, quality graphics and unbeatable customer service.